El Pajarico (The Birdy)

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I must confess that every time when I listen to the President of Venezuela, Mr. Maduro, I feel astonished. He is the one who was once  personally chosen by Hugo Chavez to succeed him to power. Once, Maduro expressed in a press conference that sometimes Hugo Chavez was seen (after his demise) in Maduro’s office taking the shape of little bird and then with its chirping told him the decisions to be made. Only because of this fact there is no doubt that he is a very original character.

In the recent past days, the new Venezuelan Parliament, Parliament emerged from the first free elections in many years, has approved a long-awaited Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill, which President Maduro has already announced that he would veto. He stated that, that law will make free terrorists and common criminals. The reality is that they are political prisoners who have been sent to prison during all these years, after farce trials, because they dissenting with the official thesis. During his period, he has closed newspapers and media, he has dismissed those government’s workers who disagreed with his regime, and more.

Yesterday insisted in insulting Spain and its government. He referred to the thousands of detainees lately in Spain for expressing their opinions, and to the many of those emigrating to Venezuela, the homeland of Simon Bolivar, in search of the freedom and where they are welcomed with open arms …. Whenever he gets internal issues he attacks to the United States and Spain, the imperialism, and the Colonial enemies. A very trite, easy and obvious resource.

Despite of these delusions that may even cause some tenderness, the reality is that Venezuela, a country that remains one of the richest in the world in natural resources and specifically oil, is just about to bankruptcy, about to default. There are severe issues of shortage of commodities and far too much violence, Caracas is the the most violent and dangerous city in the world, the odd “honor” of being the worldwide champion about daily homicides. I hope there is a change for good and for the sake of the Venezuelan people.

3 thoughts on “El Pajarico (The Birdy)”

  1. Acabo de leer el artículo sobre Venezuela. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo.
    Te has dado cuenta que tus seguidores de momento son todos de habla hispana?
    Espero que consigas que a tus conocidos holandeses les interese “algo” la cultura española e hispana, gracias a tus artículos!!!!

  2. Puede que suene divertido pero el tipo representa todo aquello que no se puede probar, la imagen espejada de un eco nefasto. Pero creo haber escuchado de la autora del artículo, hace ya muchos años una argumentación impecable sobre la autovictimización latina tan recurrente. Maduro no vino del aire y el anterior tampoco. En tanto no se asuma la responsabilidad, estos depredadores seguirán en sus sitios de poder. Lo de llorar al uso de los 60 suena un poco desbocado y nada práctico.

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