Populism and political correctnes

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In Northern Europe there is currently a great concern by the growth of populist parties, mostly all of neo-Nazi, anti-immigration or Supremacist’s ideologies. In the other hand, in South Europe there is also populism, but  from far-left Communists Stalin-style, or the Marxist-Leninist ideology. One of these political parties is Podemos (“We can”) whose leader is Pablo Iglesias, an Assistant Professor of Political Sciences at a Madrid University with no experience in government management.

Podemos has managed to make a government agreement in the municipalities with the Socialist Party in order to get rid of the Partido Popular, the conservative liberal party. Since then its more important measures, these ones that all citizens were in need, have been changing the names of streets in the capitals that they govern; also to welcome the refugees, “Welcome Refugees”, is in giant billboard at the City Hall of Madrid although so far, the Syrian refugees have not intention to come to Spain, they are only interested in going to Germany and Sweden.

On the occasion of the recent jihadist terrorist attacks in Brussels most parties condemned these attacks. Podemos did not of course, they just blamed the Western countries about the Jihadist’s terrorism. These gentlemen also refused recently to sign the Anti- Jihadist agreement with the rest of political parties. Even worst, right now they are  searching for police officers of Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu religion in the municipality of Madrid.

Podemos justify, regrets, search for excuses, “the Europe that we want, built on human rights’ defence and values , is crumbling because of the attacks we Western countries made to third countries, and somehow the violence that we have contributed to planting worldwide is coming back to us”, Podemos quoted.

This the view of Southern Europe’s populism. Where this political correctness will take us?


3 thoughts on “Populism and political correctnes”

  1. A que la gente emigre al norte de Europa o USA, como está ocurriendo masivamente desde que que los populistas aparecieron en el panorama nacional, y enseñaron la patita.

  2. EN LATINO AMERICA tenemos problemas semejantes.. Que no se repitan los equívocos del pasado. Es una lástima, que nos olvidamos de los males de los tiempos de esclavitud, de la carcel sin grades a través del control de las creencias y de los valores esenciales humanos…

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