Islam in Europe

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The idea of the belief in a utopian future to the human kind, it is nothing new to Europe. The symbols have not even changed too much: The Islamists are known as “the bearded” and in the sixties and seventies’, wearing a beard was a sign of support to Che Guevara and his revolution.

The Islamism in Europe has been portrayed as a result of the increasing poverty (wrong) and marginalization (partially true), but ignoring the existence of a very well-organized and financed mission from some the most radical countries in the Middle East… as steps to bring these communities in Europe to radical fundamentalism. A growing part of Europe’s Muslim population, the second generation was already born in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, native in Bosnia or Kosovo, immigrant in Spain and Italy, is now a group attached together just for one reason: its increasingly radical religion, the neo-Wahhabi Islam.

And they are not the “wretched of the earth” as the political correctness use to say: many young Europeans traveling to Syria are part of the middle class in their communities. And for the girls it is even more worrying: they go to the ‘caliphate’ like to the trendy nightclub. Because the new sex-symbols are these bearded with Kalashnikovs, while in the sixties and seventies wearing the Che’s beret was extremely popular.

The Wahhabi Islam has not only wiped out traditional Islam as a religion, but has also replaced in Europe the Marxism as an utopian future. The fall of the Soviet Union made difficult to maintain the fiction of a universal communism ‘victory; the shining star of the petrodollars have taken the witness. The ideological and geopolitical for French and Belgian jihadists reference is the most radical Islam, although they have been trained in the Daesh territory in Syria and Iraq. The main idea has changed, but one is as messianic as the other.

It is surrealist to believe that a few suicide will end up with the EU and replace it by a caliphate. But in the meantime they can damage us extraordinarily.


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