Keiko or the second chance

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Keiko Fujimori won the election in Peru with almost 40% of the voting. Still she has to go to a second run off (balotage) against the second candidate who has obtained the most votes after her, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Keiko is the daughter of the former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), whose figure is still very controversial in Peru. He is currently serving a prison’s sentence of 25 years for crimes against humanity and corruption. Furthermore, the NGO Transparency International estimated about 600 MM dollars were illegally obtained by Fujimori during his 10 years in government, and Peru was placed the 7th in the ranking of the world’s political corruption. Some Peruvians recognize him the measures to end with Sendero Luminoso and the MRTA’ terrorism, which destroyed the country and its economy during those years. As a result, the Peruvian economy grew by 13% and the foreign investment was encouraged.

Keiko is not her father. She is both loved and hated in equal proportion in Peru. Last week, more than 50,000 citizens demonstrated in Lima to remembering the widespread corruption and the human rights violations of President Fujimori, her political mentor. But she is very popular in the “deep Peru” where people are still grateful to him because of the roads and schools built during his period. At least Keiko did not flee out of the country and she faced investigations when his father resigned by fax from Japan, from where he is also a national.

Today Keiko ‘s program claims “the good Fujimorismo” in the economics, combined with a tough populist policy against crime. Is it true the old saying “Some nations have the government that they deserve”?


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