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This week in one of the regional television of Catalonia (TV3), a famous Presenter burned live a copy of the Spanish Constitution. Faced with this crime and scandal, the author has justified referring to  the hackneyed “freedom of expression”; then after, from the TV Station have attributed it to the political sarcasm in the media of the perpetrator, and finally, seeing that the matter was getting difficult in the rest of the media and even to the possible legal consequences that may arise from the fact, the female Presenter has stated that it was not really a copy of the 1978 Constitution, but any other different book, and as a matter of fact, the burning was simulated.

During the past 30 years the people living in Catalonia have been indoctrinated through their public TV and radio against Spain and the rest of the Spaniards, using constantly messages such as “Spain steals from Catalonia“, or ” Catalonia is not Spain“, and many other similar messages. The children in Public Schools have been indoctrinated as well, reaching the situation where those children whose parents wanted them to be educated in the Spanish language, are constantly bullied by their teachers and the other children. As a consequence, these children change to private schools. This is not an isolated case, similar cases often come out in the press.

Catalonia has never been a nation itself. In the 12th century the different Catalan Counties became part of the Crown of Aragon, and later, in the 15th century, because of the frequent marriage´s policies at the time, the Crowns of Aragon and Castile were integrated. As a result, Spain was born as a state almost in identical shape as it is right now, being Spain one of the first European nation-state.

The issue of Catalan ´s separatism is today one of the main issues which are affecting Spain. It has definitely to be fixed, in one way or another. But in my opinion, whether after more than 30 years of severe indoctrination against Spain, the Spanish language, the rest of the Spaniards…, the separatists have not yet achieved a majority for the independence, I do not think that will ever happen.


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