Spain without Cabinet

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The latest Parliamentary elections in Spain took place on December 20th, 2015. The Popular Party PP, won the elections although it       didn´t get the required majority to govern alone. Considering these devilish results, some powerful and influential people began to design the fate of the future cabinet, and their main wish was the Socialist Party PSOE cabinet, headed by its leader Pedro Sanchez and accompanied by Albert Rivera, leader of the Party Ciudadanos, one of new parties in this election. This maneuvering required also the abstention of the PP´s, in order to cast the amount of votes required in the second ballot by ‘simple majority’, in the Parliament. “Do not prevent that another one rules,” said Felipe Gonzalez, involved in the plot, together with main heads of the Stock Exchange, El País newspaper, and PSOE.

From that moment on, Rajoy (Prime Minister – PP) started to received phone calls and a lot of pressure from this powerful and influential people of the economy and finance environment, and Rajoy understood that it was an ambush. He declared its ‘ impregnable independence’ at the same time than he warned that he would not give to Pedro Sanchez abstention and the free way to the Moncloa (Prime Minister Residence), for one simple reason: Rajoy had won the elections in the first place.

At that very moment, the pressure to Pablo Iglesias (leader of Podemos) started. Iglesias who is the king of the slyness art, during his speech before the voting, showed his total refusal against the PSOE and Ciudadanos´s covenant, collapsing the second phase of the conspiracy.

At the same time during all these months, Rajoy has tried to form a government with the PSOE, in the same style of the Dutch or German´s Große Koalition offering negotiations with the PSOE´s leader, who has always been very offensive in his negative answers, and who has even come to say, “Which part of ‘no’ is what you haven´t understood, Mr. Rajoy?”. And so Spain is without cabinet, heading to new elections that will surely take place in late June.

Spain is a member of the EU, but sometimes seems to me that Europe have not come to Spain yet.



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  1. Congratulations for your blogs!
    I am learning a lot from them.
    I hope things resolve soon for good in Spain
    Best wishes

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