The Castro´s Dynasty

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Tuesday April 19th was the last day of the Cuban Communist party´s 7th Congress. Once again the ruling group continues as usual, without any political change at all. Whether there is a redefinition of the economic model which has been called ¨Neocastrismo’, that is some small and limited economic openings to attract foreign capital to the island.  While their international friends keep applauding Raul Castro´s anti-imperialist speech, the Cuban people living in penury, nearly all of them, are determined to make changes or make a living, either getting a visa or a rubber raft to jump into the sea.

Announcements for renovation were left for the next dateless session. This time they were busy with Barack Obama, who visited the island recently after more than 50 years without diplomatic relations, whose speech in the island has been stated as “a frontal attack to our political conception, our history, our culture and our symbols.” The rest of the meeting was as it has been for the last 50 years, a series of secrecy, lack of solutions and revolutionary enthusiasm that nobody does not believe any longer, not even those at the assembly. Although they did treat the succession to the highest office in the country: In order to consolidate the Neocastrismo, Colonel Alejandro Castro Espin, Head of Intelligence & Coordination between the Ministry of Interior and the Military Department, would succeed to Raul Castro. If this decision is finally make, it would consolidate a new communist dynasty at the North Korea’s style, and it would continue the squeezing of a nation which keeps impoverishing everyday.

At the same time that this Congress was taken place, elsewhere in the city the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) were beating up by the political police. These women whose peaceful and dignified calling for the freedom of their husbands, who were imprisoned for their political ideas, are fighting the regime from within.


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