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Pablo Iglesias (Podemos)

The leader of Podemos party Pablo Iglesias and the spokesman for Izquierda Unida-IU in the Second Chamber of Spain, have invited the former member of the terrorist organization ETA Arnaldo Otegi, author of several bombings and assassinations, who is just out of the jail, to give a speech in the European Parliament as if he were a hero, with great indignation of many MEPs.

It is very suspicious that someone who defends a terrorist as “man of peace” and calls him “political prisoner“, who has never criticize any violence whenever it comes from the left side, of course, he wants to be perceived in the European institutions as a ‘pacifist’.

Arnaldo Otegi has never condemned the criminal activity of ETA, he never had any gesture towards the victims, furthermore, he keeps offending them by his statements justifying their criminal activities.  Just out of prison, he is postulating to lead the candidacy of Independentist party Bildu in the Basque regional elections, without giving up any of their old strategic objectives: seems like he changed the manners, but never the means.

Pablo Iglesias quoted, “I am glad that Otegui is out of jail, because it must be said that without people like Otegui would be no peace“. Also he said “ETA’s terrorism had real political reasons”. At the same time, he has never been able to condemn after the incarceration of political prisoners by the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Furthermore, he calls them ” imperialism’s agents” following the official slogans, these imprisoned whose only crime was to be opponents of the regime, people like Leopoldo Lopez, Antonio Ledezma or Manuel Rosales. According to Venezuela Awareness organisation, based in Miami, there are currently 99 political dissidents imprisoned in Venezuela. Iglesias has also not made a single criticism of the Chavista government for harboring ETA’s criminals hidden in Venezuela under the government’s umbrella, where some of them have even served on important political positions.

Podemos and IU are trying to clean up white Otegui, ETA and its criminal history. It is good that the European Parliament MPs are aware to whom they will receive. Also the European’s public opinion.


One thought on “Populism & Pacifism”

  1. PODEMOS recibe dinero de los Narcos de Latino América, por supuesto que van a preferir defender terroristas y pandillas que los buenos ciudadanos.
    Hacer el malo parecerse com bueno.
    Destacar una agenda de vícios sobre las virtudes…así es la trampa… Todo para desconstruir las instituciones y la sociedad, con fines de construir otra, que todavia no lo saben como las quieren rehacerlas.
    Es una lástima , que haya la expansion de la franquicia narcocubana por el mundo…
    Lo que restará,será el hambre y una vida próspera a los narcodictadores asesinos.


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