The Pope Franciscus writes a letter to Maduro

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The Pope Franciscus wrote a personal letter to Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, with reference to the serious situation of the country. The letter´s full content has not transcended, but it has been confirmed to the Vatican´s accredited journalists by spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.


Because in Venezuela the situation is worsening for days. On April 20th the Cabinet has ordered a new electricity´ rationing plan for the entire country, including the capital Caracas, in order to address the energy crisis in Venezuela. Such measures announced that from now on, all the Public sector employees will not work on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as an energy-saving measure, because of the drought afflicting the country. This situation has also led the Cabinet to hold scheduled electricity cuts, especially inside the country side and in the shopping centers.

A result of these measures, according to the statements of many citizens through the social networks, for the last few days have taken place in cities of the Venezuelan interior several intermittent protests as rejection of the electricity rationing and the other measures taken to mitigate the energy crisis. Caracas, soothes of the Cabinet and all the Public Institutions in the country, has been less affected than the interior, but the crisis is also arriving to the capital. Both the government of Hugo Chavez as Nicolas Maduro have always taken great care to keep the capital free from all these restrictions. In this regard, in the social network Twitter were comments such as “finally the caraqueños will get what we are suffering on the interior of the country.”

The streets do not seem to get used to the chaos. The police are regulating the traffic as the traffic lights are off, and the houses´ refrigerators are full of ice packs in order to keep not spoil the food, the same food which costs the Venezuelans to queue for hours to get them.

The Government warns constantly on the possibility of a social explosion “If the right-wing (the opposition) wins …”, but the fact is that the social explosion seems to have already started, since looting, barricades and protests were reported in seven provinces.

All these events are happening in a country which is one of the world´s leading oil producers …. Was it the paradise promised by the Bolivarian revolution?


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