Final of the Champions League

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I must admit that I am ´madridista´, and today I feel very happy about because yesterday Real Madrid qualified for the 14th time to play the final of this famous tournament that Real Madrid has been the winner for 10 times. Real Madrid supporters suffered yesterday almost about to the heart attack. Football has nowadays such a social relevance that we could go from the glory to the hell in just a moment, like last night.

Atletico de Madrid qualified as well on last Tuesday, which makes very good news for Madrid and Spanish´ football. Madrid´ football dominates Europe.  The match that both teams played in Lisbon two years ago will re-issued and it will face two totally different football ‘notions. Every Atletico´s supporter see this as an opportunity to beat once and for all to the old rival. Atletico Madrid is the favorite for most of the sports press. The same people who praise Simeone now, the “Cholismo”, were the ones who ended the stay of Mourinho at Real Madrid with their strong criticism for his football ‘style, which is very similar to the Cholo´s, tough, defensive, going to the limit sometimes. The same style that Simeone had as a player. But for them the Cholo is miraculous.  Atletico de Madrid has become the politically correct people´s team.

Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid´s coach, was an elegant, brilliant football player, one of the best in the world, and took over Real Madrid 4 months ago. Yesterday he had his doubts about the qualification but whatever would had happened he is proud to coach Real Madrid. After the match he left the whole credit to his players. He says that he is very grateful to the Club for letting him coach it. He does not like the spotlight, he is modest and humble, similar personality than Del Bosque or Ancelotti. The Real Madrid´ players have a crush on him, because he is humble and listen to them.

Real Madrid is the team favored by Dictator Franco for the opinion of some sports media. When Madrid won several of its Champion Leagues, it was the same period when all Europe turned their backs to Spain, when Spain did not belong to the “civilized” Europe. According to this press Real Madrid won these championships thanks to Franco, which detract them all the credit and the excellence. It is quite contradictory and pathetic. Even about these things is Spain very politicized.

Atletico de Madrid´s supporters are the best. On the other hand, the Real Madrid´s are often too demanding. That’s not good for a team that needs their support which sometimes it is not granted. On Tuesday evening I congratulated my Atletico de Madrid´s family for qualifying back to the final like in 2014. Yesterday no one of those congratulated me. That makes the difference.


7 thoughts on “Final of the Champions League”

  1. Siempre es un gozo ver jugar futbol a los equipos españoles ….. son impresionantes!
    Felicidades a los dos equipazos!

  2. Primero: felicitarte por tu blog…
    Muy bueno…….
    Respecto a tu blog del Sr. Ortega, te comparto lo que una amiga muy cercana me comento: “Yo pienso que un buen político debiera de bajar de su altar y fijarse en los hombres triunfadores que llevan adelante empresas difíciles, moviendo fortunas y llegando hasta el fondo de las necesidades de los que están a su cargo, proporcionándoles bienestar y dando ejemplo de honradez, sin ofender al rival y pensando en su país.”
    Felicidades, Sr. Ortega!
    Felicidades Almudena!

    1. Muchas gracias!!! Mi idea es que en el norte de Europa, donde yo vivo, conozcan mas de España y nuestros paises iberoamericanos, que no saben nada. Muchas gracias y un abrazo!

  3. Almu, el Madrid no necesita limosnas de nadie. No es necesario que ningún atlético venga a darnos una palmadita en la espalda por dejarles sin su segunda Champions, porque para el Madrid es obligatorio llegar a la final y si se puede ganarla.

    No estemos pendientes de si nos felicitan o nos critican. El Madrid no lo necesitan.

  4. Almu, me parece bueno tu comentario sobre la champions.
    Completamente de acuerdo con lo que dices de Zidane. Sin embargo, me ha dado pena leer el final por la parte que me toca….parece que los del Madrid son unos señores con clase y los del Atletic ciudadanos de segunda. Tu sabes, que aunque en nuestro chat no se haya dicho “felicidades” exactamente, si que se ha mostrado entusiasmo con el resultado. Es fútbol, un juego, no todos son “ultras” y muchos madridistas y atléticos estamos encantados con este resultado!!!!!
    Te felicito por tu blog

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