President Santos in his labyrinth

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Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, has disappointed everyone. The former Minister of National Defense who struggled against the FARC and other guerrilla groups in the government of President Alvaro Uribe, the best President ever in Colombia in the recent times, has managed to put the people on the streets and bring the insecurity back to the nation.

Without going any further, the journalist Salud Hernández-Mora, correspondent in Colombia for Spanish Paper El Mundo, disappeared last week and still there are not any news about her whereabouts or the reasons for her disappearance. Hernandez-Mora holds dual nationality, Spanish and Colombian, and therefore the primary protection corresponds to the Latin American country. Garcia-Margallo, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs said that everything is pointing out that to the National Liberation Army (ELN), the group with whom the Colombian government is holding talks in Ecuador, “it’s a much more decentralized and less hierarchical group than the FARC” according to Colombian specialists.

Meanwhile, the opposition accuses to President Santos, who currently has less support in Colombia than Maduro in Venezuela, of a provoking a “coup” by shielding the peace agreements that he is still negotiating with the narco-terrorists´ FARC, even without having closing them yet. As a result, the opposition and the Colombian Ombudsman are against it. Such agreements arouse massive rejection in the polls and with street demonstrations, but the government of Juan Manuel Santos has already boosted this peace agreement with the FARC to the Constitutional Court. It is surprising how President Santos stands in defense of the FARC´ positions, an organization which himself fought against ferociously.

The FARC and Santos´s Cabinet have reached an agreement on four of the six points of the ongoing negotiation: the agrarian problem (supposed the origin of the conflict at the very first place); the illegal crops and drug trafficking; reparations for the victims of the conflict and the guerrilla´s transformation into a political party. The FARC are the cause of the oldest American war, already since the 1960s, leaving 260,000 dead and 6.8 million displaced. Santos seems to want to reach a deal with the FARC above all, providing assurance that none of them would be extradited at the request of a third country, according to intelligence sources. It seems he does not care neither the consequences nor the opinion of the Colombian people.

In relation to the kidnapping, the organization Freedom House has called for national and regional authorities in Colombia to “act quickly” to locate the Spanish-Colombian journalist and “to take measures to ensure the safety of journalists throughout the country, safety seriously threatened “. The NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and Freedom House have expressed last Monday their concern over the disappearance and the general situation of journalists and reporters, who are constantly at risk and threatened.

Juan Manuel Santos was a very serious and trustworthy people; he was once considered a hero when he was the National Defense Minister at Alvaro Uribe´s Cabinet. Uribe himself supported and endorsed him in his presidential race. Uribe is sorely disappointed, and so do I. Colombia is no longer safe.


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