The Communists´Conspiracy in Spain

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Pablo Iglesias and his populist party Podemos emerged from the wreckage of the communism. It is fully clear now. From the beginning of his political career Pablo Iglesias showed his disdain for IU (Izquierda Unida) and the Communist Party, portraying his party as a cross-party in order to attract voters from all the political spectrums. His contempt for those has been grounded on the inability of the classical Communists to seize  the power, nowadays. And the power for Podemos is the one and only goal of its political activity, as has been stated by its leader, Mr. Iglesias. The search for power has led to Iglesias and his University´ colleagues to mask their communist beliefs throughout all this time, up to now.

Podemos´ leader has now changed his mind and negotiated with those who formerly had disdained, IU. Iglesias is actually a seasoned communist, cinched in mobilization, propaganda and elections´ computation and  so opportunistic. Right now, it seems that both IU and Podemos have joined forces with the purpose of creating a strategic alliance. Podemos is losing votes and IU loses money. IU´ leader has been willing to forget all the offenses and grievances made by Iglesias in the past. As a result, they have not talked about anything other than positions on the election´ lists and even have signed up a lampoon: “We (IU) mobilize people and you (Podemos) would get the office.” This temporary joint venture will be called ´Unidos Podemos´ a very original and creative denomination!

The only good thing I could glimpsed about this covenant is that finally Mr. Iglesias, who portrayed himself for a long time as ´the new politics´ spokesman and, as the Spanish paradigmatic version of the Scandinavian Social-democrat type, at last, he has made clear what he really is: a communist, the ideological representative of one of the oldest political ideologies which has left behind more death people than anyone else throughout the history. Podemos is also a great support for the current regime which is bleeding  Venezuela, when it is already impossible either support or justify what the Venezuelan government is doing. It is a danger that in Spain could rule a party linked to such a regime, which nobody doubts that has been disastrous, and has ruined a country that once was rich.

At first glance, the crisis of the Spanish Left is more serious than it seems. Too bad for Spain.


4 thoughts on “The Communists´Conspiracy in Spain”

  1. Ojala que los españoles tengan esta conciencia, Almudena!
    Que sea lo mejor para Espana (para mi, un país riquísimo con muchísima historia, con un presente intenso, con mayor conciencia, y prometedor…..lleno de tradiciones, sabores, cultura, geografía, música……. y un futuro un tanto incierto pero con muchas posibilidades).
    Suerte, suerte, muchísima suerte!!!!

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