Trump, the Latinos and the rogue states

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I wish that Donald Trump does not win the upcoming presidential elections in the US.

I have many reasons to justify such a wish. As an example, Kim Jong-un in North-Korea loves him: an editorial published in Pyongyang, North Korea, one of the so-called “rogue states”, referred to Trump in a very flattering terms, and describing him as a wise and visionary leader. The author of the text, published with the acquiescence of the local power of the Marxist-Leninist state, impinged on the many positive aspects about the policies announced by Trump, as his desire to withdraw all the US troops from South Korea. Trump spoke out last May in favor of opening a direct dialogue with the North Korean leader, the zany dictator Kim Jong-un, who has openly called for the vote for the Republican candidate! Trump has claimed that those countries like South Korea or Japan must pay for the deployment of US troops, stationed in those territories for decades, under his idea of “America comes first.”

On the other hand, Donald Trump, whose motto to launch his presidential race was “I am going to build a wall all along the entire Mexican border, and Mexico is going to pay for it“, again  showed his animosity to those who speak Spanish a few days ago: During a Trump´s press conference, some well-known journalist working for the Mexican television TV Azteca received a call and started to speak in Spanish. Trump´s campaign staff informed him that they were not interested anymore about the interview after which was programmed. It has not been the first incident starring Donald Trump with a Spanish speaker and a Mexican TV: The Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos of Univision TV had a verbal confrontation with the tycoon which culminated in the forced exit of the journalist at the hands of Trump´s security service. During these election campaign, Trump´s team has been closing over the access to most of the journalists and the Hispanic media, which are no longer receiving the appropriate accreditation in order to inform about it. Trump says that they have no interest in these media.

All these events are causing such a strong reaction among the Hispanic population of the US: In order to prevent that Mr. Trump win the November´ election, more than 750,000 legal residents in Los Angeles County (and more than two million throughout California), those who previously never found the time, money or patience to pass the tests required for the naturalization as US citizen, are doing it right now. Furthermore, those who, although citizens, had never before registered to vote, are registering now. Every election the relevance of the Latino vote increases, a community which is already about 27 million people who could vote in November. Trump´ outbursts and remarks on the Latino population, immigrants and especially against Mexicans, have been fueling the outrage and stimulated the decision of the residents with ability to make an opinion: only in California, are about 3.9 millions of Latinos voting. These makes an increase of 22% over the last presidential elections in 2012.

The South Koreans, the Latinos in the US are concerned about the slightest possibility of Trump winning the presidential election in the US. Many Americans share these concerns and so do I.



2 thoughts on “Trump, the Latinos and the rogue states”

  1. No creo que gane este fanático de los rayos uva. sería una desgracia para USA y para el resto de América y del mundo. Y si encima tiene apoyo de Corea del Norte, pues no hay más que decir…

  2. You should try and be an American first and Latino second. Trump is all about increasing your quality of life. What is more important, being a Latino or providing a safe home with financial security for your family? If financial security means building a wall, so be it.

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