Protecting Islam or freedom?

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The victims in Orlando were killed because they were gay, make no mistake. Because they liked the “wrong” sex and above all, they had the nerve not hide it, because they felt free. Thus, the fanatical terrorism is acting.

The homosexuality is not acquired after the birth neither is a mental illness. Some cultures and religions have accepted it and some other cultures and religions have not yet accepted it. We are confronting a fanaticism which wants to subdue the world.

Throughout the history, the religious fanaticism has been the most effective poison to unleash terror. The Islam’ issue is that, while other religions have forgotten the holy wars already for centuries, among the Muslims those are still present. The politically correct ones compare equidistant the religions and their holy wars over five centuries ago, with what it is currently happening with Islamist fanaticism. The big difference is that it happened more than five centuries ago!

Meanwhile the political opportunists like Mr. Trump, took the tragic events to attack the US government while urging to improve intelligence in order to better detect these radicals. He demanded a ban on immigration from Muslim countries, while refusing to ban the free purchase of weapons, “because people have the right to protect themselves“, i.e. the same old ennui rhetoric. Trump accused to Mrs. Clinton and President Obama for not using the words, “radical Islamic terrorism“, as a weakness. At that point I may agree, though perhaps was not the best time to try to catch some votes among the bloodshed.

In Spain it was even worse: the populist party ‘Unidos Podemos’, as they are funded by the Iranian regime, in addition to Venezuela, did not mention at any time that the author was a radical Muslim, but simply to say “our support for victims of Orlando and the two women killed. They were victims of the same scourge: The heteropatriarchy “. They also took the opportunity to campaign while congratulating to the Muslims for the Ramadan and mocking the Catholic Christmas. The populists are equal everywhere.

The Muslims themselves must fight against these jihadism’ cancer and must move towards a greater openness of Islam. And it is happening just the opposite. After the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, it has been a radicalization of those governments:  Turkey is walking from great openness towards a greater intransigence. Countries like Saudi Arabia that is favoured by the west for its economics while its population are undergoing a cruel tyranny that tramples all the human rights. And in Europe, in the Western democracies are allowing, under the false pretence of tolerance, signs of subjugation and religious radicalism.

The multiculturalism is failing. The multi-ethnic and pluralistic society observe with powerlessness and defeat what is happening. The western world and its values are in danger because we are not giving an adequate response to Islamic fundamentalism. We have forgotten our values and our ethics and, given our existential relativism, it seems like they are prevailing. The western cultures have overcome these stigma of the past, but we’re failing in the fight against the current challenges.


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  1. Is this a Article a way to express that you have the knowledge to write . What contradictions in your thoughts. Egypt is the best example of the people rising against dictatorship then Islamic Brotherhood Regime to a Democratic Rule.

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