Brexit or populist & xenophobic madness

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The British people have expressed their desire to leave the European Union, in a free and democratic process, as the main EU bodies have manifested. Like them, I regret this decision but I respect it.

But how it got here? The Oldest parliamentary democracy has given a lesson to the world about how not to do things. The Brexit referendum was an incomprehensible mistake of epic proportions, where even the more conservative leaders, those supporters of the Brexit, the morning after gave the impression that they had awakened from a night of drinking, wondering: “My God! What have we done?”.

As a result, the British people find themselves all of a sudden in an unnecessary and unprecedented economic and political crisis, and they can only blame themselves. Michael Gove, who was Education´ Minister in the Cabinet of David Cameron for four years said: “People in this country are fed up with the experts,” responding to warnings from the Bank of England, the heads of labor unions, the Britain’s leading businessmen, Barack Obama and, virtually all the informed and thinking people of the world who expressed against voting by the British exit from the EU. “Listen to your heart” Gove told instead to the voters!

Why the Londoners, the Northern Irish and the Scots have listened to the experts, disregarded the populists and voted overwhelmingly to stay in Europe? Because the Londoners live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where many foreigners live and work with them every day and they see them contributing much to the city economically and socially; and Londoners find them as human as themselves. Regarding the Scots and Northern Irish, they were not indoctrinated from childhood with xenophobic and superiority feelings to the rest of the world.

Now that it is breaking out in England the xenophobic rage, it has been asked for, perhaps too late, a citizens’ petition to the British Parliament for the UK hold another referendum on remaining in the Union European, and it already has gathered more than 3 million people´s signatures. The petition has collapsed the House of Commons´ website because of the high number of people who came to join the proposal. Last Friday, the day after the vote, the largest search Google in England was, “What means leaving the EU?”. It shows the amount of knowledge and information that the British had before voting.

Right now several fronts are opened in the UK: the request for a new referendum on remaining in the EU; the request for a new referendum for the independence of Scotland; Gibraltar´s authorities are thinking of remaining on their own in the EU; in Northern Ireland the people asked for joining the Republic of Ireland, are just some examples.

The English people should immediately begin to suffer in their own what it means leaving the EU: paying the medical consultations and surgery in Spain; paying the import tariffs on European products; moving the City to another European city; get out of the Erasmus university plan; there are many, many consequences.

Politics should not be a frivolous game where vain and demagogue leaders encourage the notion which the masses´ wisdom is the greatest virtue of democracy. The state´ decisions are all debatable, but these require that those who take them, own civic responsibility and possess the knowledge about how the state works and know about what they speaking.

The main lesson that the world should learn is the nonsense in which the British citizens have fallen. As a result, we must be more alert than ever regarding the cheap populism of those who seek to achieve the power by appealing to their prejudices and resentments, such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, or the Chavistas in Latin America and in Spain.


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  1. Again, this situation makes things clear and look…. How fast the rest wants to get rid if this splendid isolated English with their Thatcherian privileges.

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