And Spain voted again last Sunday

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Spain voted again last Sunday. And again, like in December 2015, the Popular party, the PP,  won the elections, even with a larger majority. A victory against the vast majority of Spanish Media, all the left-wing and some of the conservative, and even against of a significant part of the economic elite. The conservative voters have ratified what it was expressed in the surveys which some of the elites refused to recognize and accept: that the image of PM Rajoy is excellent among the PP´ voters, better than the other leaders´ among their voters. This is a fact which those elites committed to defenestrate Rajoy refused to accept.

The Spaniards have shown that did not want extremists’ adventures. These populist options have decreased by over one million votes. They have seen similar movements in other countries like Venezuela and Greece and what happened there has warned the Spanish people. The strategy of these populist formations is to offer the impossible in order to seize the power. And once they reach where they wanted, the power, the people helplessly see that their position worsens significantly.

It cannot be denied that the crisis shook severely the most modest economies, but it could not be believed that in the XXI century, a nation as vigorous as Spain, a booming economy within the European Union, it could have chosen an unstoppable road to the communism or populism.

But the Populism has not accepted their defeat. The results of the ballots were so far from their expectations that they cannot hide the failure. Since the last Sunday its leaders are resisting to take the slightest self-criticism. As a result they have come to talk about ‘lack of cleaning’ in the election count, and they have even insulted in the media to the voters of the winner party. It is the first time which has happened anything like it. The reality is that they have lost most of their votes in those cities where they are governing already for  a year, and it is not surprising: its only task was to change the names of streets according to their revanchist ideology.  From now on, they have a difficult task for which they have not proved to be prepared: managing the institutional political normality and acting according to the rules of democracy, assuming a parliamentary role without the glitter of television sets where they often frequent.

The Spanish liberal right-wing voters have supported Rajoy´s fundamental idea which is the politics in these years is, above all, making an effective management and getting Spain out of the economic crisis and recession. Against those whom demanded more emphasis in politics and less in the economics, the Spanish citizens have chosen the experience and seniority, the calm and responsibility and they have rejected and moved away from adventures which intended to carry out a deranged and impossible plan.

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