Good news in Argentina: Welcome to Macri, the antiPopulist

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I like Mauricio Macri. He is a close person, which is projected in his kind of political management. As a good Argentinean, he is passionate about football, especially the Boca Juniors; he has been only for six months as President of Argentina, but the course of the country is already changing and he is making history. This civil engineer, businessman and sports leader, managed to wrest control of the traditional parties which had monopolized Argentina’s politics since 1983. However, this is not his real merit. With a new political party and his proposal for oneness and dialogue, Macri already achieved that Argentina is beginning slowly to breathe out of the of tension, division and violence’s climate of the Kirchners’ discourse, which has dominated the country for the past years.

Macri is just about to show to the world the other side of Argentina, the good side, and seeking for investments that would stimulate the country, in order to solve the problems of the poverty and exclusion that bequeathed the K’s Administration, as it is called to the Kirchners in the country. Such a heritage has been the confrontation with the entire planet except with the ALBA countries (Chavistas), due to the breach of its international commitments, alteration of internal statistics, and ultimately, the permanently lying to the Argentinean.

He found upon arrival a completely devastated, ineffective and corrupt state. It was not known which were the currency reserves, the rate of inflation, poverty, GDP, insecurity’s statistics, even the traffic’ accidents … previous rulers did not seem to have a democratic commitment or attachment to any kind of institutional quality. It seems that the Kirchners, in addition to Chavez, also financed the populist party Podemos in Spain, which is a serious interference in the internal affairs of another country.

Macri has its downside as well: his appearance in the “Panama’ Papers”, and has been widely criticized for his delay in giving explanations; although late in time, Macri recognized his error and his mistake, but he tried to justify himself by saying that it was his father’s company and all of it was fiscally declared.

With regards to the Populism, Macri promised he would demand the release of the Venezuelan’ opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. He fulfilled the claim during the 49th Summit of Heads of State of Mercosur demanding the “prompt release of political prisoners in Venezuela.” Macri has the opinion that the Maduro’s government has violated all the human rights, and has led to the Venezuelan population to famine and neglect.

Luckily, it seems like a big political change is happening in Latin America: Cristina Kirchner is not in power anymore; Evo Morales has lost great popularity rating in the last six months; Rafael Correa in Ecuador follows the same line; Maduro is being asked by the Parliament and more than 80% of the population to leave power … Is the end of Populism?

After years of booming due to high oil prices, Populism showed the great levels of generated fraud, and it has glimpsed the need to rule giving value to the commitments, solving problems in real time, and not permanently lying to the population.

The Argentinians opted for a fundamental political change and have decided to choose the value of the truth, the personal effort and the word given. With the great Argentinian’ talent and resources they own, it seems that this path will lead to advancement, progress that politician should have never thwarted in a nation which was once among the richest on the planet.


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  1. Lamento siempre no tener más que leer. Posiblemente los que seguimos esta columna bien podemos bancarnos una palabras más. Aguantamos 12 años de inconsistencias sistemática. Miedo a las palabras, no tenemos. Ganas de ver otros puntos de vista, sobran.

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