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1468230160_864362_1468231102_album_normalBarack Obama, the President of the United States, has visited Spain a few days ago. Spain is a good business partner for the US; both countries share the pattern of respect for the civil liberties and rights, and both are allies in the military defense of their common influence area. The Spaniards like many aspects of the “American way of life“, and last but not least, in Rota, Spain, is the US military base. Obama’s visit was planned for a long time, but it had to be shortened due to the unrest in Dallas. It had been carefully prepared by the White House for months, and none of its details had no political meaning, but unfortunately it coincided with the bloody attacks in Dallas, and while Obama did not want to cancel it, wanted to give priority to certain issues.

During his visit, Obama has felt very comfortable with the King Felipe VI, as always when they have before gathered. Same with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, with whom are together binding many political ideals, although Obama had been portrayed in Spain as a kind of ‘progressive saintly‘ who came to pacify the world. Obama wanted to say personally the fact that there is a worry in the EU about the possibility of a new administration in Spain led by the populist extreme-left in Spain, which began to demand a policy’ review, as well as the international alliances, and which would start heavy spending and social engineering making. It could jeopardize the EU. An alarm that is not yet relieved and the Brexit has even worsened. Obama made clear the point about a strong, united and solid Spain, which is the NATO’ common interest.

Obama had more reasons for visiting Spain: he wanted to speak in Rota, the US military base which is the US entry to the Mediterranean Sea, a geo-strategic location of utmost importance for the US. He wanted to talk to the US military, but also to the rest of the world. Also to those who are threaten us with rockets.

Our security is at jeopardy. Europe is suffering the Jihadist terror’ attacks for some time. Also the US. The hatred that drives our attackers, is very difficult to combat because of their irrationality, which comes from their hatred and impotence facing the Western civilization, which has proven to be more open, fair, prosperous, and infinitely more livable and stronger. The terrorists are seeking to destroy our way of life, detested by the Jihadism. The concepts of political freedom, living’ alternatives, freedom of choice, those are blasphemous concepts for them. As a result, it is very difficult to fight against the preposterous, as it has already been proven. Using the cutting-edge military technology has become an imperative to address them. There is no dialogue which might perform at such a barbarism. It would be as frustrating as a futile exercise. Only a military force of higher intensity. Let’s no one dream to wipe these barbarians by benevolent or persuasive procedures. Or equidistant from both sides, something shamefully which still happens a lot in Europe: Make no mistake, it is not our fault, the only blameworthy ones are the terrorists and those who induce them to kill.

Do not touch the US Military Bases in Spain ‘: It is the main statement, which is the subliminal message launched by the President of the United States, so that was heard throughout Spain and in all the countries belonging to NATO. A few times it has had more political content a visit in Spain. We have to defend ourselves as the world will be a much more dangerous place to live.


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