Why they hate us

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Since its creation, we have learned about Daesh and its brutal operations from its enemies (not the Islamic State, they are not a state, and that denomination is the one they wish) . Its story has largely been told by those fighting the group in Iraq and Syria, traumatized civilians who have escaped its brutal rule, and the occasional defectors. That is about to change.

The Daesh has released a magazine, Dabiq, its official propaganda ‘magazine’ which has set off rightly numerous alarms. The publication is dynamic, visual and professional, in which predominates the headlines. It is, from their point of view, an advantage when addressing its potential readers, the second or third generation´ European Muslims with little or any Arabic´ knowledge. The publication is published in several languages, predominating the English.

In its latest issue are extolled the recent attacks in Europe, arguing their hatred of the West:

1.-“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are unfaithful, because you reject the uniqueness of Allah“. The Islamic State says that the lack of faith is the primary reason for their attacks, since they have been “ordered” to fight against the unbelievers, until their submission to the authority of Islam.

2.-“We hate you because your secular and liberal societies, which allows many of the things that Allah has forbidden, something that you do not care because you separate religion and state, and thus you guarantee the supreme authority to your whims and desires, through your voted lawmakers”. The Islamic State seeks to topple the liberal democratic state and its liberal values, as well as the Christianity.

3.-“In the case of radical atheists, we hate and fight you because you do not believe in the existence of our Lord and Creator.” The atheists are considered even worse than the Christians, according to Wahhabi´ pure doctrine.

4.-“We hate for your crimes against Islam, and we are at war against you in order to punish you for your transgressions against our religion. While you keep burning the Koran and challenging the Shari’ah, we´ll strike back, not with slogans and banners, but with bullets, saws, knives and flamethrowers. ”

5.-“We hate for your crimes against Muslims, your drones and your bombings, for killing and maiming to our people all over the world, and your puppet´ governments in our Muslim usurped lands, which keeps torture, repress and fighting anyone who calls the Truth “.

6.-“We hate you for invading our land and we´ll fight to drive you out. While there is one centimeter of claiming territory, jihad will remain a personal obligation for every Muslim.” Here they are claiming almost half of Europe: The Balkans, Hungary, and Greece including Rumania, Spain and France to Toulouse; and India.

Daesh is particularly threatening against the gay community. In the aforementioned magazine are included brutal images of beheadings and public killings of people, who were accused in their own words of the “abominable crime of sodomy, the worst of perversions.”

Against the politically correct thinking of the West which “justifies” these actions as the revenge to the last war in Iraq, or Israel’s actions against its neighbors, and the West relativism of our own Christian heritage ´civilization, the US secretary of state, John Kerry has formally described the terrorist group´ atrocities as “genocide” against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria and in general to mankind.

What kind of people are those who behead men, murder with chainsaws and flamethrowers, and rape girls?. What kind of religion allows this?. I believe that these people have no faith. Whatever they say in their publication to justify their killings, rapes and beheadings, they do not believe in God or any religion.

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