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As the US Presidential election is getting closer, Trump’s proposals have sparked panic about what would happen to America if he wins the general election. It does not surprise me. These concerns are changing daily as Trump spouts an increasingly erratic and dangerous array of policy prescription.

The tycoon who pursues moving to the White House, has managed to focus the attention of all the media around his flamboyant figure. There is no place in the world where has been overlooked his frequent outbursts and outputs. Last July during a visit to the city of Laredo, Texas, where most of the population is of Mexican origin, the politician again defended his theory: “A wall would save us a lot of money, and will avoid the entering of drug traffickers, criminals and rapists to our country”.

The list of Trump’s misogynous comments is extensive, odd and varied. Such as some controversial statement in which he said he did not like the “fat sows and filthy animals“, which, in his own words, he referred to Rosie O’Donnell, known actress and presenter of a TV talk-show on social and gender affairs.

Following the attacks of gay club in Orlando, he has shown on favour about a racial labelling when assessing suspects: considering the physical appearance when stopping someone on the street, or make a body search on public transports. Furthermore, Trump confronted the family of a war’ fallen hero in Iraq; also he publicly suggested to Russia hacking on Hillary Clinton’s mail; he encouraged an armed rebellion against her; and not the least, he said that Obama was the Daesh’ founder. Additionally, he has spread rumours of electoral fraud among in the US population, months before the election.

Last week during an event at Miami, the mogul has made several controversial statements again, which many might understood as an incitement to violence against his Democratic opponent… “I think her bodyguards should lay down all the weapons… Let’s see what happens (to Hillary Clinton), OK? it will be very dangerous.”

 In the light of all these questionable and scandalous statements, there are more and more people who are thinking that his real intention was to finish second in the election, but taking advantage of his worldwide fame. Some  others think that his giant ego has brought him there, as the ‘New York Times’; and others talk even about self-sabotage of his own campaign. I don’t think so! With regards to all the above,  it has also been drawn attention his wife’ disappearance from the campaign for the past weeks, as something detrimental to the magnate.

But what is he lost? If Trump loses, neither he nor his followers will take it well. What Trump is doing, and has been doing all along, is pivoting Americans, mainly the US white working-class, toward his bigoted and paranoid worldview. These voters implicitly condone racism but through their support for Trump, are contributing to the mainstreaming of white supremacy.

Trump’s advisor, Roger Stone, proclaimed there will be a “bloodbath” the next day, if the election is “stolen.” These are merely some aspects of a Trump’ loss, but they all follow the same pattern, perhaps the main theme of the Trump phenomenon: the mainstreaming of extremism. Trump’s campaign has pulled the fringes to the centre, exposed weaknesses in the media and the two-party system, and exacerbated discontent. Whether he wins or loses, his campaign has already caused a profound and dangerous shift in American political culture. Come November, it may not officially be Trump’s America, but they will still have to live in it.

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