Colombia rejected a price too high

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Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, just got the coveted award of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is still not clear on the basis which he was given it, when in addition to losing the referendum in his country, it seems like one juror who grants it, has or had economic interests in Colombia. At least it’s a little suspicious. But my intention is not to mention the Nobel prizes today, which on the other hand are somewhat discredited in recent times under whom has been granted and the reasons for it or the lack thereof. Today I want to talk about the failed referendum for peace held in Colombia in early October, which ended with a defeat Santos-led option.

The “No”option won with 50’21 percent of the popular vote, just over 60,000 votes on the “Yes”. However, the winning option had no any media support. Only a group of radio and television had some of its stations supporting editorially that position, which has cost the group to be chased in such a way more like a dictatorship regime. The rest of the media gave unanimous support for the ‘Yes’, backing which was generously compensated by significant government advertising ‘concessions. And nevertheless, Colombians showed their maturity ignoring televisions, radios and newspapers and voting with their own reasoning and criteria. Colombians are an exemplary civil society, worthy of praise.

President Santos should have staged an agreement with the FARC in front of the world leaders, before took place the referendum to the Colombians, as if it was just a mere formality. It has meant a great ridiculous for him. The moment he decided to celebrate a referendum, he should have waited until the acceptance of it in the first place, and never take it for tacit granted.

And why Colombians have not accepted the agreement? President Santos missed the truth to the Colombians (and to the world), discussing a peace agreement for Colombia where the FARC sought for forgiveness, forgiveness which have not being asked at any time. Nobody apologized to the FARC’ victims, even worse, if their conditions were not accepted, the only alternative offer was a return to war. It does not seem that there is any repentance.

Santos negotiated a peace agreement in which murderers with crimes against humanity were rid of being in jail for just one day. Furthermore, they would be able to retain the huge amounts of money accumulated by the considered world’s second largest drug cartel. They also would get, even if they did not have the votes required for it, 10 seats in Parliament and 16 other allocated to the regions where their control is absolute. 26 seats granted directly to the FARC. And they wanted to convince the Colombians and to the world it was a necessary concession because in this way, the would not kill anymore.

We were also told that the Havana’ 279-page agreement, world be incorporated to the Colombian Constitution, without the possibility of being ever amended. As if it were the Saudi Arabia’ Constitution, where the full Koran is incorporated and which is of course, not amendable. The agreement of Havana seemed also to be “sacred”. It does not exist in any country in the world, and certainly in any real democracy.

Andres Pastrana, former President of Colombia asked to Felipe González, former PM of Spain: “Would you accept that the terrorist group ETA, murderers of more than 1,000 people, would appoint half of the court judges who will judge them?”. Well, it would be happened in Colombia with those FARC terrorists.

The campaign for the “Yes” announced such catastrophes as, if “No” won, FARC will return to the murders, kidnappings, ultimately back to terror. Nothing like it will happen, as it was perfectly predictable. The narco-terrorists, who are in Cuba heavenly hosted by the Castro’s drinking rum and smoking Cohíbas, have already made it clear after the victory of the ‘No’ that they don’t think about returning to the jungle, where life is so uncomfortable and evil. They better stay in Cuba, living beautifully, much better for sure than the vast majority of Cubans. In the meantime, they will try to find another way to get something good from the Colombian government. I hope the Colombians do not allow it.

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