Women voting in the upcoming American Presidential election

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In the upcoming presidential election in the United States, if only the men would vote, as it was the case until 1920, Donald Trump would probably be the next president. The victory would be overwhelming and conclusive. If only women would vote, Hillary Clinton would win easily. The gender division at the ballots is nothing new, but it has been accentuated in the current presidential campaign.

The allegations for sexual assault against Trump and his sexist comments have damaged his presidential ‘goal. The testimonies published last week about his sexual behavior have affected to Trump’ aspirations seriously: the polls reflect an increasingly strong advantage of Clinton. Democratic candidate outstrips to the Republican in 5.5% points, according to the publication Real Clear Politics.

The diffusion of a NBC video so close to the November elections which was recorded 11 years ago, where Trump makes lewd comments, and the avalanche of women who have revealed past episodes of sexual harassment by Trump, has worsened his issue among women voters. Machismo, and no statements against Hispanic immigrants or against the Muslim population, are now the real Damocles’ sword for Trump and it might end up being the wall against which Trump would lose the election, as women represent 53% of voters. Words and alleged acts of Trump, opened a national discussion on sexual harassment. It happened something similar about racism in the Obama years.

 According to The Washington Post’ poll, Clinton leads to Trump among the key segment of white women with a university degree, the same group who had opted mostly for Romney four years ago. Among the white women without college degree, Trump is still the favorite.

The fact that Hillary is the first woman candidate for the White House is not the origin of the women’ disaffection for Trump. Per se, Clinton is a candidate who generates enough rejection even among many Democrats, who are showing not much excitement and still remain unconvinced about her, despite of Trump’s fall in the polls. Hillary Clinton, according to the political analysts, holds a number of obvious flaws.

She has been portrayed as a liar after several matters relating to her time as Secretary of State, where it was observed Hillary Clinton’s tendency to lie or cover erroneous actions under false pretenses. The most recent were the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi (Libya), where she was responsible for diplomacy, and of course, the well-known “emails gate“.

Hillary Clinton has been accused of having played the role of Bill Clinton’ “faithful wife”, during his ravings with other women, with the only purpose not to harm her own political career to the White House. She has also been branded of being greedy: Hillary Clinton would have taken hundreds of millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation from countries which gained political benefits during her time as Secretary of State.

She has also been rated of being enemy of the Roman Catholic Church and pro-abortion: Hillary Clinton’s position regarding the right-to-life is one of the most radical amongst the American feminist movement. She repeatedly has said that she believes the unborn have no constitutional rights, which detracts support within the more conservative American class.

But Donald Trump has been more wrong than right in his campaign. Even in the last debate, where he distanced himself less from his opponent, he was contorted, and could not contain his impulses to jab and insult, and at one point, as Clinton was needling Trump for not paying taxes, Trump interjected, calling her “Such a nasty woman“!

Donald Trump used the high-profile setting of the final presidential debate here Wednesday night to amplify one of the most explosive charges of his candidacy: that if he loses the election, he might consider the outcome illegitimate because the process is rigged. This outrageous claim had never happened in over 200 years of the American democracy.

His scandalous nature started to undermine his support in the general election. Trump’ character is neglectful and disrespectful to women.  Clinton is far from being an ideal or even a good candidate, but if Trump does not extend his support beyond the base of loyal Republicans, will be difficult for him to win. As a result, in those traditionally Republican states like Georgia, Arizona and Utah, Clinton leads the polls.


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