Finally, Spain has Cabinet

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Since October 29th Spain has a new PM. Finally, the Socialist Party (PSOE) decided to facilitate the Parliament voting through its parliament group´ abstention. Spain has had an interim cabinet for nearly a year, and it could not be any longer afforded. For making this happen, the  PSOE had to draw an “internal coup” to make its erstwhile leader, who had refused to facilitate the cabinet´ creation, along with the motto “Not is not; which part of the Not does Mr. Rajoy not understand?” to make him resign from the PSOE´ leadership. Otherwise, it would had doomed the Spaniards to their third election.

The PSOE´ regional leaders decided to make a change of direction for several reasons: One is that of the results of the PSOE were worse election after election. They had never been so bad and it seemed the situation would not change. The Spaniards seemed to give their back to the socialist party for its radicalism.  But the PSOE leadership seemed satisfied about just being the first political force of the left, instead of the first political force of Spain. The latter objective seemed to disappeared from the horizon and what is even worse, from their ambition.

It also seemed like PSOE had abandoned the center-left position, and were competing to see who were more radical in their approaches, if the populist Marxist-Leninist “Podemos“, or the PSOE. About the Catalonia issue, it seemed like the PSOE was the most separatist of the Catalan separatists. Finally and not least, the National Intelligence Centre (CNI), had detected in recent weeks the gradual affiliation to the PSOE of a number of people from the “Podemos” environment, in order to grow in the party the more radical positions and in favour of Pedro Sanchez, which would facilitate the cabinet lead by Pedro Sanchez, along with the populists and the separatists. Such an option would have been a disaster for Spain.

Podemos´ leader Pablo Iglesias shows at every appearance his usual arrogance and, what is worse, his deep contempt for the national sovereignty headquarters. His party is more suited to television´ reality shows than the democracy´ institutions in which he displays an anti-system speech and a total lack of respect for the Spanish institutions. Pedro Sanchez was trying to create a cabinet with these people.

Prior to the voting to proclaim PM to Mariano Rajoy, the former PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez, claimed the attention of the media spotlight to take away the limelight from his “intimate enemy” Mariano Rajoy, and to execute a final disloyalty to his still party. He resigned to his Parliament seat, until there it was good and consistent with his position. But also he reinforced and encouraged to those dissidents who wanted to vote Not to Rajoy, calling them decent, consistent and faithful to the party members and voters, who were certainly becoming more exiguous. And somehow he delegitimized the current direction proclaiming that of he will be resubmitted as a candidate to lead the PSOE in order to give back the dignity to their militancy and to the party, which now seems to be lost. Another treason to his party mates.

The fact is that Rajoy will have to negotiate every law in order to govern, but it is certain, that of with Rajoy as PM, the Spaniards will have spared all the further damage of a Pedro Sanchez´ cabinet, kidnapped by Podemos and the independentists, a presidency which, however much they deny it, Pedro Sanchez never stopped trying it. Yesterday, Sanchez recognized it in a TV program, and also showed how radical is his approach.

The Spanish Socialist party has to get rid from hatred to the PP (Partido Popular, the conservatives) and assume its center-left position, the same as most of the European Social Democratic parties, our partners and allies, rather than position themselves as the brainless, outdated, Marxist-Leninist Podemos´ extreme left. Only then, it will get the credibility and the majority vocation again.

They will also have to find a more courageous and smarter Secretary General than Mr. Sanchez, and the intellectual inspiration based on the responsibility of a ruling party, rather than the repetition of obsolete slogans which are destroying the party. Since Felipe Gonzalez left the politics, PSOE has not a modern idea of the left; it has encouraged the growth of the populism and it has become a serious issue for Spain. The PSOE has to leave the barren populism, and becoming again a useful and ready-to-rule left party for Spain, which embodies the moderate left that any civilized country needs. Now, they got some years ahead to make the necessary changes.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Spain has Cabinet”

  1. Ya era hora de tener gobierno! hay quien sigue pensando en que esto no es lo que queriamos los españoles…desde luego lo que no queriamos, y asi se ha demostrado en las urnas, era el populismo.

  2. Muy interesante y ameno tu blog, ahora lo veo, y bien argumentados tus artículos. ¿ es cierto lo que comentas de la afiliación paulatina de gente de Podemos al PSOE?

    En mi caso yo también di mi perspectiva sobre lo que podría pasar en España, el pasado Enero de 2016, y por el momento, todo se va cumpliendo, porque según mi análisis, Podemos perdería votantes, y Rajoy obtendría mas votos ( como ocurrió en las pasadas elecciones, a pesar de que las encuestas decían otra cosa) y tendríamos a Rajoy todo el año 2017, y a partir de Marzo de 2017 entraría en la escena política española con fuerza una mujer ( de su propio partido o de otro) y finalmente, a partir de Marzo de 2018, me aventuré a decir que Rajoy desaparecería de la escena política.

    Así que según el análisis que hice, que por el momento esta siendo acertado, la presidencia de Rajoy podría ser una presidencia corta.

    1. Hola Lourdes,
      gracias por tu comentario. Me alegra que sigas mi blog.
      Lo de la afiliación paulatina es cierto, de hecho ayer lo comentó Carlos Herrera en su programa y se lo preguntó al portavoz de la gestora del PSOE. Dijo que iban a estar muy vigilantes. La maniobra era torcer la voluntad de los afiliados y dirigirla a donde ellos querían, gobierno con Podemos. Lo detectó el CNI, le informaron a Rajoy, y él mismo, informó a Felipe González y Rubalcaba, por lo que el golpe a Pedro Sánchez se aceleró. A lo mejor Rajoy se va en el 18, pero por ahora, a no ser que el gobierno no pueda gobernar, es posible que tarde un poco mas.
      Un beso.

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