Presidential election results: Change of the political paradigm?

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The election show finally ended: all the intrigues, alleged conspiracies, sex, verbal violence, is something definitely to forget. The world is shocked by the result, Trump’s victory, although not many of the Americans are so much. In the race towards the White House, above the election pyrotechnics, there are some objective factors which are usually pointing the winner. In this case, many analysts, including myself, have misjudged in finding that factors such as money, campaigning and political experience, the media’ support and ethnic minorities unequivocally pointed to Hillary as the winner. The media have also been defeated, which did not anticipate Trump’s victory and neither capture the deep discontent of all the American who voted for him. Also the polling companies, which once again have patently mistaken and until the last moment gave a comfortable victory to Hillary Clinton.

The outcome has been different, and we have to wonder why the Americans have voted for Donald Trump, a candidate with no political experience whatsoever. One answer might be that citizens are tired of politicians who have nothing done more than being in politics, who are part of the status quo, who support the corporations’ interests, who do not make any decisions, who speak out innocuous messages which nobody understands and, who are very comfortable living and speaking in the TV’ shows.

Trump has done all he could do: summoning the silent majority against the ‘corrupt establishment’. He was alone in front of everyone. Trump’s message has stalled because the Americans have seen someone who speaks their own language, regardless of whether he was made up of exaggerations, lies, misogyny, racism and xenophobia … perhaps because they share these principles or at least, do not bother them as they should. Trump’s  basic principles are the right of everyone to do whatever they want, their claim to masculinity, and their rejection of immigration. His only foundations are the defence of the inalienable right of each one to do what he/she desires. It is the new ‘alternative right’ who found in the new Elect-President their ‘dream candidate’. And he saw in them a mobilized group with a great mastery of social networks. Another component of this stream is the frontal rejection of ‘political correctness’. The phrase which Trump repeats “we cannot continue being politically correct” sounds heavenly to the ‘alternative right’. The program includes closing borders, ending positive discrimination, and something very marked in this group: the defence of the masculinity.

Trump also claimed the ‘good old days’, the Wasp order. 70% of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Trump and his strategists have had the vision to worry and focus on those vulnerable middle classes because of the effects of the globalization and the trade openness. The brightest part of his victory is precisely this: he has won by saying what he thinks, without following the dictates of the political correctness: ignoring the feminists, questioning the environmentalist belief, and ridiculing the multiculturalism with eloquent and unequivocal speeches, perhaps raucous, but genuine. He has not feared to appear as an outsider or almost “against” his party, with his very ‘personal’ candidacy. Through Trump, America seems to reconciled with the American individualism. And his voters want Trump to make the changes he promised. We’ll see if it’s possible.

All these longings have been politically funnelled by Donald Trump as well as other conservative populist leaders such as Nigel Farage, interim UKIP leader and Brexit’ leader who has publicly supported Trump and demonstrated his great joy at his triumph. Also Marine Le Pen in France or Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, populist politicians leading the polls in their respective countries and who share many of the political principles which have led to Trump to be President elect: boredom of the politically correctness; being fed up with the politicians’ language who do not understand and, that of the traditional bureaucracy. Traditional politicians who are more concerned about the minorities (African Americans, LGTB, Latinos, Muslims…) than for the majority of citizens, even if they are unprotected; Fed up with massive immigration which is not integrating, creates insecurity and is erasing their own identity; Tired of their industry being outplaced which is leaving the citizens without jobs. I have seen Putin’ happiness and satisfaction about Trumps’ victory, who has finally recognized the contacts with Trump and his team. But that is another story.

Trump has faced a candidate with few roots in the hearts of voters. If the blond dyed millionaire was somewhat rude and very aggressive candidate, Hillary Clinton is a cold, distant, controversial woman whose political career had been flanked by scandals, money and sex. Hillary failed to mobilize the ethnic minorities aggrieved by the President-elect, such as the Hispanics. Neither did her arouse the massive interest of women, despite being a woman and her opponent, a declared misogynist. And on the other hand, Trump swept among the wasp’ majority of all social classes and inside the rural North America. Trump has swept to Clinton among the whites of the middle west of the US, and among those members of the Christian community, the most traditional identified with the Republican Party.

It seems that the political paradigm is changing in the world. We have to pay attention to it, which means that if Brexit was the first referendum on the free movement of people, capital and goods, the US elections have been the second plebiscite on globalization and immigration. Those traditional politicians should take note of the true and profound causes of these changes, otherwise they might be wiped off the political spectrum. The should stop worrying about less important minorities issues and start looking after the most people and their issues. And solve them, because that’s what they are for, not for being politically correct, and certainly not to create more problems.

With regards to Mr. Trump and perhaps to ease myself, I tend to think that the yesterday’s enraged, bigot and aggressives will be the moderates of today and tomorrow, as soon as they receive the power. Hopefully.

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