Coup d’état in Venezuela

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The Venezuelan Supreme Court’ decision to call off the Parliament’ powers and as a result, to grant extraordinary powers to Nicolas Maduro, is an unprecedented event which constitutes a real coup d’etat. According to this undemocratic ruling, seven judges appointed by the Chavism will replace the 167 deputies elected by the Venezuela people in the elections of December 2015. In addition, the deputies are withdrawn of any parliamentary immunity.

The PM members of the National Assembly agree in qualifying the Supreme Court statement 156 as a coup which has given the regime of Nicolas Maduro to consolidate the current dictatorship. The Supreme Court of Justice is the Maduro’s legal arm dedicated to boycott all the decisions emanating from the sovereign parliament. It has issued some 46 rulings against all the legislative acts issued by these representatives of people’s sovereignty. In the meantime, those Chavistas supporters shouted in the streets a battle-cry: “And it will fall, and it will fall, this Assembly will fall!“.

Juan Miguel Matheus, representative of the party ‘Primero Justicia’, stated, “against the legal and arbitrary fiction of the Supreme Court, there are the people of Venezuela and the National Assembly as the real and only representatives of the nation.” The Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who has been imprisoned for several years in a farce trial, as it was confirmed by the judge who led the court which tried him, said that what happened is the formalization of the dictatorship, “Today, through an illegal and illegitimate statement, The High Court of Justice formally decreed the dictatorship in Venezuela that we have denounced since 2014.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has begun to intervene in the search for a solution which will reduce the harsh conditions for the Venezuelan people while the Chavism is in agony. Right now, many democratic governments, from the EU, USA, Argentina and Peru, that has even withdrawn its ambassador in Caracas, have condemned the self-coup which constitutes another step of the authoritarian drift that has turned Venezuela into a tyranny. The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro restated that the fact that the Supreme Court got attributed the functions of the Legislative “is a procedure that does not acknowledge of any of the most basic guarantees of a due process.” Unsurprisingly, Nicolas Maduro’s response was as always, that of attack and insult. And of course, from Cuba are supporting Maduro. Ludicrous.

Maduro’s coup against the Venezuelan parliament is a fact which marks a point of no return of the dictatorship, and requires that the Venezuelan people, the civil society, parties and, above all, the MP’s, to initiate a process of mobilization and a democratic and civic resistance, to face this coup and regain their national sovereignty. If there is no parliament, there is no people’s sovereignty and no a democratic state. Yesterday, those Supreme Court Members decreed the death of the Congress, but in recent months they have already been closing the media, universities, shops, political parties and unions.

The Chavism is living its last moments in the biggest of the tumbles, with the economy paralyzed and the institutional structure devastated by corruption. But during the agony is when a mortally wounded animal becomes more dangerous. Venezuela is a narco-dictatorship system, a criminal organization which oppresses and punishes the Venezuelan people. Its current leader is not prepared either ethically, politically or intellectually to control the reins of the once rich Latin American country. It is a matter of emergency to end with the tyranny, an indecent regime, a political farce which will lead nowhere, except the most devastating catastrophe for Venezuelan people.

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