Critical time in Venezuela

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The decomposition of the Chavismo in Venezuela is advancing in giant steps. In these last hours, the kleptocracy dictatorship which heads Nicolas Maduro adds the greatest discredit to the ridiculous one: the revelation that the recount of the votes to the Constituent Assembly was manipulated, leaves the regime in an unsustainable situation. What was intended to be the main argument to legitimize its maintenance in power has already become the indisputable demonstration that it cannot remain in charge of Venezuela for another minute. If the international community had chosen not to recognize the results of the elections because it was clearly unconstitutional what was being approved, the announcement that the scrutiny was altered, declared nothing less by the company in charge of supervising it, ruined all the plans of the tyrant to cling to power. On the contrary, it accumulates one more crime to the list of crimes for which Maduro would must answer before an international court.

The figures of the participation in the election for the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela were manipulated by at least one million votes, according to Smartmatic, the company which works in Venezuela since 2004 observing the electoral processes. “We know, without a doubt, that the participation data of the recent elections for a National Constituent Assembly was manipulated,” said Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica at a press conference in London. “We estimate that the difference between real and reported participation by the authorities is at least one million votes.” That same morning, Reuters had already voiced alarm over the disparity in the participation: according to internal Electoral Council data, only 3.7 million people had voted at 5:30pm in those controversial elections to the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela. According to the Maduro government, a total of 8.1 million people came to the polls.

Nicolas Maduro and his more radical followers threatened before Sunday’s Constituent Assembly to crush the opposition and eliminate parliamentary immunity. Said and done. Just a few hours after consummating their coup to the National Assembly, agents of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) broke into the homes of two of the main opposition leaders, Leopoldo Lopez, leader of the Popular Volition, and Antonio Ledezma, Mayor of Caracas, to revoke their house arrest, and take them back to a prison. So far it is not known where they are. Ledezma and Lopez are the most critical personalities with the Maduro regime.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper ABC, the wife of the opposition leader Antonio Ledezma said, “Nicolas Maduro no longer has more argument than the force, the crude repression against most Venezuelans, who have done everything possible, within the narrow margins left by the dictatorship, to peacefully claim their ideas.” After the rupture of the constitutional order, the dictator has no possible defence. The words of condemnation and rejection of the whole world against their attempts to subvert the legality to cling cynically to power are nothing more than the verification of what Venezuelans have been denouncing and suffering for more than a decade. The Chavism, the Bolivarian socialism, or whatever the revolutionary project which has been perpetrated there was called, was nothing more than a one-way road to totalitarianism, so that finally the country officially enters the Dictatorship which was already de facto. There are no longer any votes with which to achieve the political change that most Venezuelans still claim on the streets, with more than 120 deaths because of the protests. There is only one way out.

The utopia which has ruined one of the richest countries in the world, and which in its last moments is summed up in the pathetic scenario of a dictator who is determined to stay in power by the force, crushing the citizens and arresting the opposition leaders. The Castrochavism will be remembered as the author of an economic miracle in reverse: making the richest country in Latin America, a miserable one is not a feat every day. It has created so much poverty that every day people must fight with teeth, a bag of milk, a kilo of flour or a piece of meat. In that frantic race towards disaster, the Castrochavista government had to proceed to the gradual elimination of all freedoms, of thought and conscience, to the ruin of institutions, journalism, parties, universities, trade unions. For everything has been fulfilled after the relentless design of the inspiring elders of this system, Fidel and Raul Castro, who once again have demonstrated their audacity, their total lack of consideration and respect for the most important values ​​of the human kind, but also their absolute lack of talent.

The Venezuelan people are in the streets, ready to be killed. And they’re being killed. Youth, students, who know they have no future, are not afraid and will not allow any cowardly continuity. The businessmen lost everything a while ago. And the corrupted by the system see with terror that the system no longer has money to buy their consciences. For those accomplices with this ignominy who establish an awkward equidistance with the governments which preceded the Chavism, they only should contemplate the devastating scenario of a country whose economy has been consumed by a corrupt fever a thousand times more perverse than the one registered in the worst times of any the previous regimes. And those who insist that sanctions have no effect other than to harm citizens, it should be remembered that what protesters are asking for is not just freedom, but also food and basic consumer goods which have disappeared from the market, not because of the sanctions, but because of the catastrophic management of this narco-regime and its Cuban accomplices. The Castrochavista corrupt and murderous regime has shown that is willing to anything to stay in power which means murdering more people. The world must do everything possible to end with Maduro in power as soon as possible.


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