Unpredictable or mistaken?

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I’m afraid this is going to be an incendiary article. One of the kind I will receive some comments, not the nice ones, I guess. It is about my view of the recent events in the United States.

It seems to me quite evident the fact that only in few Western nations, the scourge of racism is present as it is still in the United States. Some historians emphasize that it is not only an aberrant sentiment shared by some segments of the population, but it has been a structural factor in the socio-economic formation of the country, from before even its foundation, and which today still manifests in very different forms. Obama himself, until now the only African-American president of the US, ended his term expressing his impotence over how little progress he made in reducing the inequality and racial hatred’ gap.

Today, the US is an increasingly polarized society, with the danger that it represents. Although all the laws in the country are now consecrating equality, and since the great struggles in the 1960s there have been extraordinary advances in the field of civil rights, racism and discrimination, very open wounds remain.

The US has a serious issue with the rise of the ultra-right-wing supremacist movements. And for that cause, the ambiguity with which Trump condemned what happened in Charlottesville was very unfortunate, attributing the fault “to many parts“, without aiming directly at the white supremacists. The president has equally angered Republicans and Democrats alike. And again, he demonstrates his inability to exercise the moral leadership that corresponds to his position.

After these events and after only seven months in office, the gap between the Republicans and their president is beginning to be insurmountable. Donald Trump’s rectification about the Charlottesville riots in the form of a new nod to the white supremacists, after he had first lashed out at them, has had even more impact than his equidistant sharing of blame between extreme right and extreme left about the unfortunate racist riots in the first place.

The two former presidents Bush, George H. W. and George W., stepped out of rectification with a joined statement: “America must always reject racial fanaticism, anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred.” The rejection of the senators is absolute, including Trump’s bigger supporters, who blamed him for his lack of moral leadership, “is dividing the Americans, rather than uniting them,” as denounced by Sen. Lindsey Graham. The president’s phrase “there is also good people among white supremacists” has been devastating for the Republican Party.

Trump is hurting the White House: these facts has led to the mass batch of companies which formed Trump’s Manufacturing Advisory Board, which he has been forced to dissolve it. The impact of a president’s unprecedented behaviour toward racist groups in the United States is directly threatening his own agenda. The enormous distance between the White House and Republican congressmen will make increasingly difficult for the president’s initiatives to get ahead in the legislature. The failure with ‘Obamacare’ was the first warning. Trump’s effort to be conciliatory with racist men, threatens his tax cuts and the infrastructure plan which he has just submitted.

These recent events have placed Trump in front of an awkward mirror. The idea of the post-racial America, which was fondled when the African-American Barack Obama first came to the White House, an era in which the race’ issue would move to a secondary place, has faded. President Trump has repeatedly emphasized the value of being “unpredictable,” and he has set a pattern for triggering poorly conceived comments, which make him seem deranged sometimes. He seems to believe that this kind of behaviour will persuade both the allies and the adversaries, who will do what he asks or needs to be done, for fear that this impulsive man would do something terrible. It is wrong. With these actions, he could become a failed president. Fire and fury is a boomerang which destroys everything and everyone.

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  1. The post is not quite controversial as you first mentioned.Racial attitudes seem to be on the rise all over the world, in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa too.In India, racial hatred and race-oriented conflicts are now a powerful reality.In Arab states,non-Arabs or low cast Arabs are looked down upon and do not benefit from same social advantages provided by the state.In Iran, Afghan refugees are simply looked down and considered outcasts.This is so sad.So very sad.Racial hatred is on the rise, while intellectuals and elites move into own enclaves and somehow marginalized.

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