The Catalan post-truth


It seems like Catalonia wants to separate from the rest of Spain. However, at the time of the Catholic Monarchs, Catalonia only wanted to be as close as possible to Spain. Without that union, Catalonia would not have become what it is today. The Emperor Charles V, when he first arrived in Barcelona, was very surprise by the magnitude of the applause, the Catalans saw in him the great hope, the great king. This is not reflected, of course, in the history books of the Catalan region: the point of Jean François Revel (1989) makes a lot of sense here: “The first the forces running the world is the lie.”

 Today and already for the last years, Catalonia is the most serious issue which Spain has raised Spain. Oh! The feelings! A compelling and irrefutable argument! As are world peace or climate change. It is necessary to protect the special, differentiated and exclusive feelings of the Catalans!

In Catalonia, there is a feeling like Brexit’s, or the inward turn of the US, or the growth of nationalist parties in the Netherlands, France, which want their country to leave the EU. These are part of a new context in which, given the inequalities after the last and hard economic crisis, many people believe that identity and their own nation are the best instruments to get out well in a global environment. In Catalonia, many people believe it as well, especially from the upper-middle classes, who perceive themselves as more prepared than the rest of the Spaniards. As with Brexit or with Trump, warnings about the separation’ consequences tend to be denied or ignored; all the warnings about the chaos which will arrive the day after, no longer take effect.

Meanwhile, the president of the Catalan region Carles Puigdemont, has appeared to ensure that the state “has de facto suspended self-government and has de facto applied a state of emergency.” He knows, as anyone who wants to know, that it is a lie, too. If the government had de facto suspended the Catalan self-government, the first thing done would be to get Puigdemont out of his office and indict him for sedition.

Also from the Football Club Barcelona and even some of its players, such as Gerard Piqué and the former coach Pep Guardiola, have come forward to defend “democracy.” For the Barsa’s leadership, democracy must have been the homage of the precedent directors who preceded them, to Francisco Franco in the Palace of El Pardo: Barsa’ leadership awarded twice to General Franco as a “favourite son of the club”!! But it does not matter now, because as the whole history of Catalonia, it is infested by lies and no one wants to remember it there. Some, because they are ashamed of it, and others because of what could happen to them if they told the truth.

The episodes of coercion, pressure and threats experienced in Catalonia in the last hours are inadmissible. Fortunately, no outbreak of dramatic violence has emerged, but it does not hide the hatred shown by thousands of separatist demonstrators to law enforcement, the Civil Guard, the police and the members of the administration of Justice applying executing orders with a strict legality criteria. It is evident that those separatist folks are interested in agitation, rebellion and violence as the last resort to the State’s retort against their separatist blackmail.

In Catalonia today, the safeguarding of many rights and freedoms is simply non-existent. The current regional rulers have devised an authoritarian regime based on hatred to Spain. Without law there is no order, which is exactly what separatism claims: those citizens protected in the anonymity of a multitude, acting as Catalonia is a lawless territory, in which the most cowardly constraints and the discrepant’ stigmatization, are valid. Just as it was the Basque region during the bloody stage of our history, when the terrorist band ETA murdered: the divergent was pointed out as a criminal objective. Currently, the law in Catalonia has no prestige: the idea about any democracy couldn’t be as such without the law protection, has lost the media battle: the separatists have stated that any opposition to their will, it is fascism.

As Puigdemont also knows, if the regional government had really been suspended, which some of us believe it should have been suspended long ago, his call for people to vote on October 1 would make no sense. But the reality is that the Government of Spain, headed by its president Rajoy, has had a patience far superior to that of many of us. Although his political party is right now within a context of parliamentary weakness, his cabinet has so far been able to measure its steps, controlling and cancelling out each seditious action of the Generalitat (Catalan government). Luckily for them, sedition no longer carries the yesteryear penalty!

Those Catalan separatists are convinced that they will win, but I think the overwhelming visit of the reality will crush them. From there, the Spanish government must start from scratch: withdrawing all the powers of self-government to Catalans, especially those of Education, Public Order and Media, which have constituted its seditious propaganda apparatus. And not giving them back again until loyalty to the Spanish Nation is demonstrated and proved.

Another measure should be once and for all, the prohibition of secessionist parties, as those are forbidden in the constitutional systems of another countries, such as France (Article 89), Italy (Art. 126) , Germany (Art. 21), Norway (Art.3), Switzerland (Art.53), United States (by the Supreme Court “The Constitution, in all its provisions, ensures an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States“), and many other nations like Lithuania, Estonia, Brazil, Peru … Spain and its government must apply these measures to avoid situations like these in the future.