Macri: a new Argentina is possible

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Mauricio Macri and his political project are getting consolidated. And from my humble window, I congratulate him and Argentina for it. Macri is reinforcing the liberal center-right against the weakened Peronism represented by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who seems exhausted after 12 years in power and several allegations of corruption.

The new Argentina era with Mauricio Macri is managing to reinforce its way with the results of the last legislative elections. The coalition led by Macri ‘Cambiemos’ prevailed in most of the country and overturned Cristina Fernandez’ aspirations of regaining the national leadership. This win far exceeded expectations, winning clearly in 14 of the 24 Argentine provinces, and with an adjusted result in another two of them. The Government’ coalition has significantly increased its presence in Congress and the Senate. The results showed the emotion and feelings of many people, among whom I am.

Mauricio Macri, the last politician to speak on the election night, said “This is just the beginning“, and assured when he knew the results “today the certainty that we can change history forever, has won.” Satisfied, knowing that dawn had cleared his way for the re-election in 2019.  Macri, who already defeated Peronism in 2015, sees thus his power reinforced to undertake the necessary political and economic reforms in the country.

While the officialism’ candidates won in most of the Argentinian provinces, the weakened Peronism has continued to yield territorial power. One of Macri’ main challenges was to beat Cristina Kirchner in the province of Buenos Aires, the populous district with almost 40% of the electoral roll. At the head of ‘Unidad Ciudadana’, the former president has not been able to revalidate her triumph of the primary elections in August. As a senator, Kirchner will enjoy parliamentary immunity from potential court decisions against her. The former president faces several legal cases related to cases of corruption and abuse of power during her tenure.

Macri said “this is a long-term project which seeks to change Argentina forever.” In his victory speech, the president kept the measured line that has always characterized him: “We are just beginning to transform our beloved Argentina.” If something offers Mauricio Macri to the Argentinian people, is the hope of a better future.  And right now, he is in a favourable position to push forward the fundamental reforms which he has not even been able to raise in two years of office. Until now, he was focused on organizing a market economy which only now begins to give some small signs of improvement.

In order to win support from the middle,  upper classes and even from the working classes, Cambiemos (meaning let’s change) has been able to make an electoral connection with its constituents, so that its voters identify the coalition with certain measures very approved by the citizens. In his speech, Macri has made entrepreneurship and volunteering work the core of his values, and when he thinks about what kind of society he would like to have, he thinks in those terms.

Some conservative, radical and Peronist leaders came up to the new center-right ship. But the command post seems to be in the hands of a new class of leaders coming from non-political spheres: professionals, entrepreneurs, members of NGOs,… A new combination of people together with Macri, a former entrepreneur, are working in Cambiemos.

The Argentinian economy is starting to come afloat after a severe recession. At the presidential office are expecting 2018 to be the year of take-off, with the arrival of foreign investment and the generation of employment. This confidence that things will improve in the medium term is what has made, among other factors, that Cambiemos becomes the country’s main electoral brand over the exhausted Peronism. For the first time since taking office, Macri is preparing to announce a major national agreement to move ahead with those reforms the country needs. These include budget approval and tax reform. Macri, once again dismissed a labour reform. “Generating work is the fundamental tool to reduce poverty. Today we have two problems: people who do not have jobs and half of Argentines working in black,” said the head of state.

Since the August’ primaries, when the victory of the ruling party began to take shape, Macri has said, “Argentina begins to go through the best 20 years of the country’s history. We have confirmed our commitment to change. We will go together, because we aspire to more, to live better, to have dreams and to carry them out.

Argentina must occupy again the place that deserves in the world, and for good. This victory confirms that Latin America may have different kind of governments and politicians. For those who believe that there can only be dictatorships like Castro’s, or populist regimes like Maduro, Correa or the Nicaraguan Ortega, Macri is proving that things can be done right, with a government open to the market and the world, where the rule of law and legal security are in place, and most importantly, improving its citizens’ lives. 100 years ago, Argentina was a very rich country, an economic power. It should be again: it has natural wealth and educated population who has suffered too much from their bad choices. Right now, is the time to make it good.

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