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The last appearance of the dismissed Catalan government president, Carles Puigdemont, was to announce the call for a referendum on the belonging or not to the European Union of a hypothetically independent Catalonia. The same thesis as any party of the European far-right in any of their respective countries. It seems like  Puigdemont has installed himself very comfortably in Belgium with his right-wing Flemish new friends. He has also has defined the EU as “a club of decadent, obsolescent countries, in which a few are in charge, and are linked to increasingly questionable economic interests.

Puigdemont had to arrive in Brussels to realize that his vision of democracy clashes head-on with the EU’s. He assures to be there in Brussels to save the democracy, although so far only 75 Catalan secessionist mayors have followed him, mayors who, by the way, will pay their excursions to the Belgian capital with the money of the Spanish taxpayers. Puigdemont has also accused the EU of “connivance with the Spanish fascism.” He criticizes the EU very harshly, saying that “EU is in very bad hands right now, with the risk of becoming an empty shell.” But it is not the only one: A MEP from ERC, a left-wing Catalan separatist party, has said mockingly that “Juncker comes from a country smaller than some Catalan cities:  Luxembourg should merge with Germany.”

I am under the impression that the Catalan separatists are making many friends in the European capital. For the Spaniards, this attitude is not unknown: those pro-independence Catalans have always acted with the same arrogance against anyone who was critical about their delusions. In Europe, these populist temptations and lack of respect for the law are very well-known. The Hungarian leader, Viktor Orban has boycotted some plans made by the European Commission like installing borders among countries again. On occasions, he has threatened to reinstate the death penalty in Hungary, although so far, he has been prevented by EU rules. Europe is built based on weights and balances to avoid these populist characters. It may seem boring, but it has been the success key of our peaceful coexistence during the past decades. In Spain and throughout the EU everyone could defend any idea, but it must be done without breaking the law. Europe is not the Far West.

The excluding nationalism is an ideology shared by the two extremes of the ideological arch, as the radical left populisms are extremely anti-Europeist as well. For these radical groups, the so-called ‘anti-system’ groups, the Europe of the EU is manipulated by unscrupulous bankers, bureaucrats at the service of the most sinister lodges, and dominated by Jewish capital, since they are deeply anti-Semitic. The EU is equally hated by far-right and left extremists, since both are similar, almost the same thing.

It is not illogical at all that someone like the radicalized separatists, abominate of a democratic supra-state framework. Because they are not democrats. They don’t respect their country’ laws at all, why should they respect the EU’s? They have been masters in lying, in distorting reality, in selling smoke. Their values ​​are totalitarian and disregarding any rule linked to decency and democratic normalcy. They fear in the light of truth, because that light reveals their hoaxes, their miseries and their enormous mistakes.

They portrayed themselves as freedom fighters, democrats, honest people, but the reality is that they represent one of the most corrupt parties in the history of Europe and the most corrosive totalitarianism. They are pure fascism and now, abominating the EU, they confirm it once again. They do not care about anything or anyone who might think that they are mistaken. That’s why Puigdemont never wanted to go to the Spanish Senate to explain himself and debate with others. That is why he cut off the opposition by modifying the regulations and laws to prevent them from debating in the regional parliament. His thing is tweeting, granting interviews with agreed-upon questionnaires, and to be cheered and praised as a leader.

I see at the horizon a glimpse of the embrace among the Catalan independence rebels and the anti-EU populists: Puigdemont has submerged himself in this mud, demonstrating against the only institution which has kept Europe without an armed conflict since the damn World War II. It is a dangerous place where this ‘enlightened leader’ is heading, because the road he points, it can only end supporting a discourse of strong states, with hard laws, ruled with an iron hand or even totalitarian. This is how it is right now in Hungary, and so believes the National Front of Le Pen, Alternative for Germany, the PVV of Wilders in the Netherlands, the Greek neo-Nazi party ‘Golden Dawn’, or even the British UKIP, which has managed to lead the UK to an epic mess with the Brexit, the most unfortunate situation for the United Kingdom in decades.

Puigdemont is completely installed in the most absolute radicalism. He should also know, if he is not yet aware, that across the political pace he is going through, he must deal with some of the most dangerous political wolves in the future. His speech against the EU is an anti-parliamentary, anti-democratic discourse against all the values that sustains our western life system. It also breaks with the Catalan tradition, always very pro-European. Puigdemont has aligned himself with the most radical reactionary movements. And those don’t like freedom. The Catalans must be happy: they already got their far-right leader. Although in the future, rather than a leader, I see him playing a freak in Late Night Show.

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