About me

“The informed opinion is what gives the individuals the ability for active participation in politics”.

John Stuart Mill, 1861 “Considerations on Representative Government”.

I am an seasoned International Professional. I always liked the Foreign Affairs and the Diplomacy. At some moment, after a long professional life in Corporate and Consulting business in several countries, I decided to re-invent myself and starting my career in the battle of the opinions. I have the specialization in International Relations, International Politics, International Law and Governance. I consider myself politically liberal, influenced by J.S. Mill and A. Tocqueville’s tradition of thought, as well as their ethical conception of the policy , ie, a radical defense of the freedom. This is what I try to capture in my political approach and in this blog.

The main objective with this blog is learning others about Latin America and Spain’s political issues. But I will refer eventually to some current important topics.

I am originally from Madrid, Spain and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Every post will have an English and Spanish versions.

For more information about my Professional Background, please visit my Linkedin, just next.02a