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Experienced International Professional. I always liked the Foreign Affairs. At some moment, after a long professional life in Corporate business, I decided to re-invent myself and starting my career in the battle of the opinions. I have the specialisation in International Relations, International Politics, International Law and Governance. Although I am originally from Madrid, Spain, I have decide to write my blog in English as I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Spain without Cabinet

The latest Parliamentary elections in Spain took place on December 20th, 2015. The Popular Party PP, won the elections although it       didn´t get the required majority to govern alone. Considering these devilish results, some powerful and influential people began to design the fate of the future cabinet, and their main wish was the Socialist Party PSOE cabinet, headed by its leader Pedro Sanchez and accompanied by Albert Rivera, leader of the Party Ciudadanos, one of new parties in this election. This maneuvering required also the abstention of the PP´s, in order to cast the amount of votes required in the second ballot by ‘simple majority’, in the Parliament. “Do not prevent that another one rules,” said Felipe Gonzalez, involved in the plot, together with main heads of the Stock Exchange, El País newspaper, and PSOE.

From that moment on, Rajoy (Prime Minister – PP) started to received phone calls and a lot of pressure from this powerful and influential people of the economy and finance environment, and Rajoy understood that it was an ambush. He declared its ‘ impregnable independence’ at the same time than he warned that he would not give to Pedro Sanchez abstention and the free way to the Moncloa (Prime Minister Residence), for one simple reason: Rajoy had won the elections in the first place.

At that very moment, the pressure to Pablo Iglesias (leader of Podemos) started. Iglesias who is the king of the slyness art, during his speech before the voting, showed his total refusal against the PSOE and Ciudadanos´s covenant, collapsing the second phase of the conspiracy.

At the same time during all these months, Rajoy has tried to form a government with the PSOE, in the same style of the Dutch or German´s Große Koalition offering negotiations with the PSOE´s leader, who has always been very offensive in his negative answers, and who has even come to say, “Which part of ‘no’ is what you haven´t understood, Mr. Rajoy?”. And so Spain is without cabinet, heading to new elections that will surely take place in late June.

Spain is a member of the EU, but sometimes seems to me that Europe have not come to Spain yet.




This week in one of the regional television of Catalonia (TV3), a famous Presenter burned live a copy of the Spanish Constitution. Faced with this crime and scandal, the author has justified referring to  the hackneyed “freedom of expression”; then after, from the TV Station have attributed it to the political sarcasm in the media of the perpetrator, and finally, seeing that the matter was getting difficult in the rest of the media and even to the possible legal consequences that may arise from the fact, the female Presenter has stated that it was not really a copy of the 1978 Constitution, but any other different book, and as a matter of fact, the burning was simulated.

During the past 30 years the people living in Catalonia have been indoctrinated through their public TV and radio against Spain and the rest of the Spaniards, using constantly messages such as “Spain steals from Catalonia“, or ” Catalonia is not Spain“, and many other similar messages. The children in Public Schools have been indoctrinated as well, reaching the situation where those children whose parents wanted them to be educated in the Spanish language, are constantly bullied by their teachers and the other children. As a consequence, these children change to private schools. This is not an isolated case, similar cases often come out in the press.

Catalonia has never been a nation itself. In the 12th century the different Catalan Counties became part of the Crown of Aragon, and later, in the 15th century, because of the frequent marriage´s policies at the time, the Crowns of Aragon and Castile were integrated. As a result, Spain was born as a state almost in identical shape as it is right now, being Spain one of the first European nation-state.

The issue of Catalan ´s separatism is today one of the main issues which are affecting Spain. It has definitely to be fixed, in one way or another. But in my opinion, whether after more than 30 years of severe indoctrination against Spain, the Spanish language, the rest of the Spaniards…, the separatists have not yet achieved a majority for the independence, I do not think that will ever happen.


Keiko or the second chance

Keiko Fujimori won the election in Peru with almost 40% of the voting. Still she has to go to a second run off (balotage) against the second candidate who has obtained the most votes after her, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Keiko is the daughter of the former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), whose figure is still very controversial in Peru. He is currently serving a prison’s sentence of 25 years for crimes against humanity and corruption. Furthermore, the NGO Transparency International estimated about 600 MM dollars were illegally obtained by Fujimori during his 10 years in government, and Peru was placed the 7th in the ranking of the world’s political corruption. Some Peruvians recognize him the measures to end with Sendero Luminoso and the MRTA’ terrorism, which destroyed the country and its economy during those years. As a result, the Peruvian economy grew by 13% and the foreign investment was encouraged.

Keiko is not her father. She is both loved and hated in equal proportion in Peru. Last week, more than 50,000 citizens demonstrated in Lima to remembering the widespread corruption and the human rights violations of President Fujimori, her political mentor. But she is very popular in the “deep Peru” where people are still grateful to him because of the roads and schools built during his period. At least Keiko did not flee out of the country and she faced investigations when his father resigned by fax from Japan, from where he is also a national.

Today Keiko ‘s program claims “the good Fujimorismo” in the economics, combined with a tough populist policy against crime. Is it true the old saying “Some nations have the government that they deserve”?


Poor Panama

Jürgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca are the owners of the Panamanian Law Firm Mossack & Fonseca.  This Firm is being almost a for a week monopolizing the headline news of the world after the publication of the so-called ‘Panama Papers “. This research is having such a global impact that even the Iceland’ Prime minister has resigned this past week.  Many investigations in governments and parliaments in Europe have been announced, as well as in other countries in the world, like Argentina or Chile.

But which is the relevance of these papers? perhaps the famous names of those persons appearing in these papers? perhaps the existence of Tax paradises? Or the 8 billion $ estimated in these Tax paradises? Indeed, this is a very significant amount, it is about the 8% of the global wealth.

In my opinion this scandal is being a great exercise in hypocrisy. We have known for a long time of the existence of these tax paradises; some neighbouring countries such as Luxembourg or Switzerland have left to be it since a short time ago….  Furthermore, in Europe there are the Jersey Islands, or Gibraltar, in this very last colonial enclave in Europe are registered more than 80,000 companies Off-Shore, more than 3 times the population of the rock!

Any good tax advice office in Europe should have tax experts indicating to their clients the legal means to avoid paying taxes, including the off-shore companies in tax paradises. This is nothing new. I do not understand why something that is being known since so long ago became a scandal right now. This is doing a great harm to Panama as a country when it has nothing to do with its government. I think this is a big hypocrisy, and just a way to sell more newspapers. Nothing more.


Islam in Europe

The idea of the belief in a utopian future to the human kind, it is nothing new to Europe. The symbols have not even changed too much: The Islamists are known as “the bearded” and in the sixties and seventies’, wearing a beard was a sign of support to Che Guevara and his revolution.

The Islamism in Europe has been portrayed as a result of the increasing poverty (wrong) and marginalization (partially true), but ignoring the existence of a very well-organized and financed mission from some the most radical countries in the Middle East… as steps to bring these communities in Europe to radical fundamentalism. A growing part of Europe’s Muslim population, the second generation was already born in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, native in Bosnia or Kosovo, immigrant in Spain and Italy, is now a group attached together just for one reason: its increasingly radical religion, the neo-Wahhabi Islam.

And they are not the “wretched of the earth” as the political correctness use to say: many young Europeans traveling to Syria are part of the middle class in their communities. And for the girls it is even more worrying: they go to the ‘caliphate’ like to the trendy nightclub. Because the new sex-symbols are these bearded with Kalashnikovs, while in the sixties and seventies wearing the Che’s beret was extremely popular.

The Wahhabi Islam has not only wiped out traditional Islam as a religion, but has also replaced in Europe the Marxism as an utopian future. The fall of the Soviet Union made difficult to maintain the fiction of a universal communism ‘victory; the shining star of the petrodollars have taken the witness. The ideological and geopolitical for French and Belgian jihadists reference is the most radical Islam, although they have been trained in the Daesh territory in Syria and Iraq. The main idea has changed, but one is as messianic as the other.

It is surrealist to believe that a few suicide will end up with the EU and replace it by a caliphate. But in the meantime they can damage us extraordinarily.


Populism and political correctnes

In Northern Europe there is currently a great concern by the growth of populist parties, mostly all of neo-Nazi, anti-immigration or Supremacist’s ideologies. In the other hand, in South Europe there is also populism, but  from far-left Communists Stalin-style, or the Marxist-Leninist ideology. One of these political parties is Podemos (“We can”) whose leader is Pablo Iglesias, an Assistant Professor of Political Sciences at a Madrid University with no experience in government management.

Podemos has managed to make a government agreement in the municipalities with the Socialist Party in order to get rid of the Partido Popular, the conservative liberal party. Since then its more important measures, these ones that all citizens were in need, have been changing the names of streets in the capitals that they govern; also to welcome the refugees, “Welcome Refugees”, is in giant billboard at the City Hall of Madrid although so far, the Syrian refugees have not intention to come to Spain, they are only interested in going to Germany and Sweden.

On the occasion of the recent jihadist terrorist attacks in Brussels most parties condemned these attacks. Podemos did not of course, they just blamed the Western countries about the Jihadist’s terrorism. These gentlemen also refused recently to sign the Anti- Jihadist agreement with the rest of political parties. Even worst, right now they are  searching for police officers of Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu religion in the municipality of Madrid.

Podemos justify, regrets, search for excuses, “the Europe that we want, built on human rights’ defence and values , is crumbling because of the attacks we Western countries made to third countries, and somehow the violence that we have contributed to planting worldwide is coming back to us”, Podemos quoted.

This the view of Southern Europe’s populism. Where this political correctness will take us?


El Pajarico (The Birdy)

I must confess that every time when I listen to the President of Venezuela, Mr. Maduro, I feel astonished. He is the one who was once  personally chosen by Hugo Chavez to succeed him to power. Once, Maduro expressed in a press conference that sometimes Hugo Chavez was seen (after his demise) in Maduro’s office taking the shape of little bird and then with its chirping told him the decisions to be made. Only because of this fact there is no doubt that he is a very original character.

In the recent past days, the new Venezuelan Parliament, Parliament emerged from the first free elections in many years, has approved a long-awaited Amnesty and National Reconciliation Bill, which President Maduro has already announced that he would veto. He stated that, that law will make free terrorists and common criminals. The reality is that they are political prisoners who have been sent to prison during all these years, after farce trials, because they dissenting with the official thesis. During his period, he has closed newspapers and media, he has dismissed those government’s workers who disagreed with his regime, and more.

Yesterday insisted in insulting Spain and its government. He referred to the thousands of detainees lately in Spain for expressing their opinions, and to the many of those emigrating to Venezuela, the homeland of Simon Bolivar, in search of the freedom and where they are welcomed with open arms …. Whenever he gets internal issues he attacks to the United States and Spain, the imperialism, and the Colonial enemies. A very trite, easy and obvious resource.

Despite of these delusions that may even cause some tenderness, the reality is that Venezuela, a country that remains one of the richest in the world in natural resources and specifically oil, is just about to bankruptcy, about to default. There are severe issues of shortage of commodities and far too much violence, Caracas is the the most violent and dangerous city in the world, the odd “honor” of being the worldwide champion about daily homicides. I hope there is a change for good and for the sake of the Venezuelan people.

The Rolling Stones in Havana

I like the Rolling Stones. At the moment when I start listening “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” I feel a deep excitement, the prelude of a promising evening and many wonderful things.  And normally it is right, the band has managed to stay on the wave’s edge for almost five decades, with incredible success and glory.

Recently they have offered a concert in Havana, Cuba. The concert was meant to be for the Cuban people and for free. The reality was that, after five decades of Castro’s isolation, the Cuban people at the concert didn’t recognized any single song,  and they were all looking at the show with puzzled eyes. The tourists enjoyed the concert though. Normally they should to pay good money to attend one of their shows. Also in the VIP stands were some Hollywood’s celebrities who do not want to miss this “historical moment”.

Once this so commented and “celebrated event” I have many questions pending ,… such as, who paid to the Rolling Stones? They don’t move one finger, one trailer, one guitar, until there are millions of dollars involved.

Was this event an “historical” moment? One lady from the former Czechoslovakia said that in her country the Rolling Stones performed just before the fall of the Berlin Wall …. so this is a real good sign… Honestly, I don’t believe any of it: the day after, the Cubans still have the same economic problems, the endless queues, and especially the lack of freedom.  Nothing has changed, nor the Rolling Stones, nor the Obama’s visit. These are only means to give breathing air for the weary Castro regime, but the reality is that any action taken abroad, will promote freedom of Cuban people until the Castro’s no longer are alive. We must be realistic.  It is quite painful but this is it.

Vargas Llosa

Today is March 28th, 2016. Today is the day of my first post in this blog.

Today is also the 80th birthday of Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa, Spanish-Peruvian writer, politician, journalist, essayist, college Professor, and recipient of the 2010 Nobel Award in Literature. He is one of the leading writers of his generation, and, he is also one of my favorites.

Despite of being a recognized writer,  has been politically active during his career, moving from the left side towards the liberalism, and after a deep disenchantment of the left policies in Latin America, Vargas Llosa came to believe that Cuban regime was incompatible with what he considered to be the normal freedoms. During his fight for freedom he even lost his Peruvian nationality, which was withdrawn by the President Fujimori, one of his most public and inflamed enemies. He got the Spanish nationality then and much more honors.

The natural response of the left wing during all these years is the permanent suspicion against Vargas Llosa and ignore his great literary work. Well, he is a brilliant writer, novelist and superb political thinker, who speaks out loud about the Freedom. Personally I admire and love both!

About Myself

I am an experienced International Professional. I always liked the Foreign Affairs and  wanted to be a diplomatic. After a long professional life in Corporate business,  at some moment, I decided to re-invent myself and starting my career in the battle of the opinions. I have the specialization in International Relations, International Politics, International Law and Governance.

I was born Madrid, Spain, but I will write my blog in English as I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My main purpose with this blog is to learn others about the political issues in Spain and Latin America from another different and non politically correct perspective.